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The management team has decided to change the gamemode to opprison

we do not have a set release date yet as development has only just began.


Our features:

Custom spawn

A-Z rank ups


Awesome Kits

Buyable suffixes that are appealing

Custom Mines

New Buyable ranks

Active Staff


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/wild fixes. 18 days ago

The title is practically self-explanatory. I have fixed /wild so you can use /wild instead of going to Warp RTP and using the signs there. This can still be used and will stay at spawn. Out of several attempts, I have also not been teleported outside of the world border so yay! 

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FortuneMC Weekly Updates: 27th April - 3rd May


+ Added TC: #vote-ranks

- Removed TC: #vote-ranks


+ Added MaxBans

+ Added Marry plugin

= Reset everyone's balance to £10,000... again.

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Get A Head Start! 2 months ago

As it may take a while until FortuneMC gets re-released to the public, we want to make sure you can still make sure to get a head start when we re-open! If you vote for our server, we will count up all of your votes and they will be awarded to you when we open up to the public. As well as this, if you join on the first day back, you will be awarded:

-> An additional £90,000 on the game (you will start with £100,000)

-> 10 Weekly Crate Keys when you sign in! (our most valuable keys)

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