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Important Notice. about 1 month ago

Dear FMC Members/Staff,


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I am proud to announce the closure of FortuneMC’s 2nd season of Factions. We have had a lot of changes & updates. We have more updates to come in season 3..


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The Staff&Builder Application Are Now Closed!

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We will be changing the staff application process. Read for more details.


As you are aware of this forum, the FortuneMC Staff Application is getting a revamp. We will be updating our Staff Application Format from 

What is your Discord Username?: Please state your Disc...

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-= Server Reset =- 7 months ago

I am proud to announce the closing of Map 1


There will be a full server reset happening from now until about a week where maintenance will be high and the server will be down. We will keep you guys updated with sneak peaks of cool features we add


i hope to see you all on the new map!


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