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We will be changing the staff application process. Read for more details.


As you are aware of this forum, the FortuneMC Staff Application is getting a revamp. We will be updating our Staff Application Format from 

What is your Discord Username?: Please state your Discord Username, including the #.

What is your age?: Please state how old you are.

Do you have past experience of being staff?: Please state servers that you have been staff on, and the amount of time you have been staff on the said server(s).

What timezone do you live in?: Please state what timezone/country you live in.

How long have you been playing Minecraft?: Please state what year/month you have been playing Minecraft since.

How long have you been on the server?: Please state when you first joined the server.

How active will you be on FortuneMC?: Please state how many hours per day/week you will be active for.

Have you had any punishments on the server before, if so, why?: Please state your reasons for warns, mutes and/or bans if you have any.

What can you contribute to FortuneMC as a staff member?: Please state what you can bring onto FortuneMC as being a member of staff.

Any additional comments?: Are there any additional comments you've missed? Please state them here.


Personal Questions:

Name: Please state your real name

Minecraft Username: Please state your Minecraft Username here

Gender: This includes transgender ftm, mtf, male, female, other - please specify.

Age: Please state your real age

Timezone: Your timezone is based on where you live.

Discord Tag (eg. User#0000): For example, RubinIsEw#9374

Are you multilingual? (fluent, not learning): Do you speak any other languages.


General Questions:

What made you want to apply for a staff position here?: 

How much time can you contribute to being online and available?:

Have you applied for the staff team previously? (If so, how did it go and what have you done to improve upon it?):

Do you have any connections to members of the current staff team? (If so, who?):

Have you been staff on any server inside or outside of FortuneMC? (If so, where and what did you do?):

Are you currently staff on any servers outside of FortuneMC? (If so, how will this affect your activity on FortuneMC?):

Have you broken any rules on FortuneMC or other servers in the past? (How have you changed since then?):

What are some of your accomplishments, skills, hobbies, or other recreations outside of FortuneMC?

What would you consider to be your proudest accomplishment, no matter how small or large: Write your proudest accomplishment, whether if it was getting food from across your bed, to saving everyone in a burning tower block, write it down here.



A player has just told you that their FortuneMC server isn't starting up. What should you first ask or tell them?:

You have just been muted on the Discord server, but you feel the mute was a false one. How will you handle this?:

You noticed a staff member being biased towards/against certain players. What would you do?:

Describe a time where you were extremely stressful or anxious about something. How did you overcome it?:

Explain a situation where you have shown maturity / good handling of a situation.:

Would you rather prioritize sending well-written responses or replying in a short amount of time and why?:


[Application made by Murtoise (Helper)]

Comment down below with your thoughts and opinions.

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