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FortuneMC Weekly Updates: 27th April - 3rd May


+ Added VC: "Season 3 coming soon" (above the Important category)

= Updated TC: #staff-list (x2)

- Removed TC: #ban-list

- Removed TC: #how-to-verify

- Removed TC: #verify

- Removed TC: #🔒bot-spam

- Removed VC: #🔒Private

- Removed CAT: Unverified

- Removed ROLE: Beta Tester

- Removed ROLE: -Cutie-

- Removed ROLE: New role


- Added SITE:

= Updated SITE: Staff List (Site Permissions)

= Updated SITE: Staff List (List of Staff) (x2)

= Updated SITE: Vote (Updated the link for rewards at the bottom)

- Removed SITE: Texture Pack


+ Added the Tebex site

+ Added all categories and packages (would be spammy if I posted all the categories and packages I added)



+ Added WORLD: Season3

+ Added WARP: Spawn

+ Added WARP: Staff

+ Built a new spawn

= Reset everyone's balance to £10,000

= Updated region settings for season 3 spawn

= Updated region settings for warzone (50 blocks around the spawn)

= Updated Essentials config

= Updated TitleManager config (and managed to break it... whoops)

- Removed some plugins to save memory (as the server kept crashing when it started)

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