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Dear FMC Members/Staff,


I am writing this to all members and staff on FortuneMC so all of you can get this information at the same time as everyone else. This message is just to say I am stepping down from Owner on FortuneMC and my reasons, so please read them all carefully.


The first reason why I’m stepping down from FortuneMC is that I have school work to do. As I am in Year 10 and am preparing hard for my GCSEs, I will be stepping down from the server. I am really dedicated to preparing for the exams in May 2021, as you can tell by my playtime and activity on both Discord and Minecraft. Why would I choose to be on my server 24/7, improving it for no reason at all instead of dedicating to my GCSEs 24/7 to improve my future?


The second reason is related to the first reason, but it’s because I literally have no time to work on the server. As a result of constant and too much homework, and revising really hard for my mock exams and GCSEs for both this year and next year, I will not have any time to work on FortuneMC. In addition to this, as I am not legally allowed to work, I cannot work for money for the server, so I will be pretty useless to keep FortuneMC running.


The third reason is, with no doubt, because of Shoot. I have wanted to make a statement talking about Shoot in a totally different topic, but this is how I'm going to say it here instead. Shoot (you should know him as Shootboy444, slenderbrine98, and other stupid fake accounts), and his best friend Caramel061, have a great amusement in breaking servers that they were ex-staff on. Since Shoot started being staff on the server, he has consistently abused his permissions, and honestly, I should have IP-Banned him ages ago for it, as well as his alt limit of at least 10 accounts, which is really obscene. Honestly, over the past few months, I have started to hate Shoot more and more and to be honest, I couldn't be happier that he is now banned from FortuneMC. He was bound to get permanently banned from FMC.


The fourth reason for leaving the FMC Staff Team is because of my mental health. As everyone or most people know, I definitely don't have the best mental health on the server. In the past few weeks or maybe the past few months, it definitely without a doubt has been getting worse and worse over time. I have started doing a lot more things and getting into more routines, and scheduling posts on social media so I can have a break from social media without anyone knowing and everything else to improve my mental health, yet it hasn't actually worked.


As a conclusion, I have decided to give Murtoise the server whilst I leave the FortuneMC Staff Team. Yes, I know it's probably not the right time as we need people to build for Season 4, but it feels like the right time for me to leave. I will be giving Murtoise all of the passwords to the FortuneMC Twitter, Console, Tebex and any other's that I forget, as well as giving him ownership of the Discord Server and Minecraft Server. From now on, I will not pay for the server to run and will no longer work for the FortuneMC Staff Team.


Thanks for everything FMC, you've been a great 7 months and 7 days (on Discord). I hope Murtoise treats you with more love than I ever did. I will continue to be the Head of Media.


Thanks for reading this announcement,


-FMC Founder/Ex-Owner

-Staff 6th July 2019-13th February 2020

-Head of Media 6th September 2019-Present

about 1 month ago

We will be changing the staff application process. Read for more details.


As you are aware of this forum, the FortuneMC Staff Application is getting a revamp. We will be updating our Staff Application Format from 

What is your Discord Username?: Please state your Discord Username, including the #.

What is your age?: Please state how old you are.

Do you have past experience of being staff?: Please state servers that you have been staff on, and the amount of time you have been staff on the said server(s).

What timezone do you live in?: Please state what timezone/country you live in.

How long have you been playing Minecraft?: Please state what year/month you have been playing Minecraft since.

How long have you been on the server?: Please state when you first joined the server.

How active will you be on FortuneMC?: Please state how many hours per day/week you will be active for.

Have you had any punishments on the server before, if so, why?: Please state your reasons for warns, mutes and/or bans if you have any.

What can you contribute to FortuneMC as a staff member?: Please state what you can bring onto FortuneMC as being a member of staff.

Any additional comments?: Are there any additional comments you've missed? Please state them here.


Personal Questions:

Name: Please state your real name

Minecraft Username: Please state your Minecraft Username here

Gender: This includes transgender ftm, mtf, male, female, other - please specify.

Age: Please state your real age

Timezone: Your timezone is based on where you live.

Discord Tag (eg. User#0000): For example, RubinIsEw#9374

Are you multilingual? (fluent, not learning): Do you speak any other languages.


General Questions:

What made you want to apply for a staff position here?: 

How much time can you contribute to being online and available?:

Have you applied for the staff team previously? (If so, how did it go and what have you done to improve upon it?):

Do you have any connections to members of the current staff team? (If so, who?):

Have you been staff on any server inside or outside of FortuneMC? (If so, where and what did you do?):

Are you currently staff on any servers outside of FortuneMC? (If so, how will this affect your activity on FortuneMC?):

Have you broken any rules on FortuneMC or other servers in the past? (How have you changed since then?):

What are some of your accomplishments, skills, hobbies, or other recreations outside of FortuneMC?

What would you consider to be your proudest accomplishment, no matter how small or large: Write your proudest accomplishment, whether if it was getting food from across your bed, to saving everyone in a burning tower block, write it down here.



A player has just told you that their FortuneMC server isn't starting up. What should you first ask or tell them?:

You have just been muted on the Discord server, but you feel the mute was a false one. How will you handle this?:

You noticed a staff member being biased towards/against certain players. What would you do?:

Describe a time where you were extremely stressful or anxious about something. How did you overcome it?:

Explain a situation where you have shown maturity / good handling of a situation.:

Would you rather prioritize sending well-written responses or replying in a short amount of time and why?:


[Application made by Murtoise (Helper)]

Comment down below with your thoughts and opinions.

5 months ago