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-= Hello guys! =- So as a few of you know i will be the new staff manager // co owner i will respond to every application as soon as i can so please dont spam me or rubin for it. - Fixlag



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I am proud to announce the closing of Map 1


There will be a full server reset happening from now until about a week where maintenance will be high and the server will be down. We will keep you guys updated with sneak peaks of cool features we add


i hope to see you all on the new map!


7 months ago

-= Welcome to FortuneMC Forums =-



Server ip: 





Leadership team:

Owner: RubinIsEw

Co-Owner/Developer: Fixlag

Co-Owner: 7bv

Manager: Unixo

Admin: Murtoise


Staff Applications are located at "forums" -> "Applications".

Be sure to read the rules before applying.


- CoOwner - Fixlag




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