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Working for FortuneMC Since October 2019 :)

Jay: about 1 month ago
If you need anything feel free to dm me on discord @ Jay-#2831




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Thank you for reapplying.

Awaiting staff responses







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-+- Staff Application Format -+- 


-+- Information: -+-

Once you have applied the staff team will leave a +1 or -1 this is not anything against you

if they -1 it just means they dont believe your ready, Your application is overall judged by

Jay and Andreas, Goodluck on your application.


-+- Requirements: -+- 

1) Applicants must be over the age of 12

2) Applicants must have atleast 12 hour playtime

3) Applicants must be a member of the FortuneMc Discord

5) Applicants must not have any major punishments to their name


 -+- Rules: -+-

1) Do Not Copy Your Application from someone else!

2) Applications must not be a "joke" or "prank" 

3) Applications must have maximum effort put into them

4) Applications should follow the format

5) Do not bug staff to check it

6) You may apply once every 2 weeks


-+- Disclaimer -+-

Any application that doesn't follow the rules or requirements will be denied instantly.


-+- Format -+-

General Questions




Discord (name and tag):

How much playtime do you have? (/pt):

What rank are you?: 


Decider Questions

What rank are you applying for?:

What experiences do you have of being staff?:

Do you know all staff commands?:

How many punishments do you have?: 

Any staff members that would recommend you?:

Why do you think you'll fit in our team?:

Give us 3 words to describe you?:



You log on and there are spam bots spamming server ips:

You are the only staff member on and a group of hackers log on:

People report a dupe bug:

The server stops on its own and doesn't restart:

Everything stops working:


Random Questions

What motivated you to apply?:

Name an award you have recieved:

Can you speak more than 1 language?:

What prison rank are you?:

Anything else you want to say to us?:



11 days ago

The management team has decided to change the gamemode to opprison

we do not have a set release date yet as development has only just began.


Our features:

Custom spawn

A-Z rank ups


Awesome Kits

Buyable suffixes that are appealing

Custom Mines

New Buyable ranks

Active Staff


- Join on Release - Fortunemc.mc-srv.com

- Discord - https://discord.gg/GUSspRM

- Other links are listed on the discord


- Thank you for reading

- Jay // Owner

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