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you seem sorry for the rule you broke.


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General Rules

  • All players are expected to follow the Rules. Failure to do so will result in consequences.
  • Do not impersonate other players or staff members.
  • Offensive nicknames/Avatars are not allowed - this includes profanity, racism, or other forms of hate speech. This can also include a user's IP address.
  • Bullying of any kind will not be tolerated.
  • Sharing personal information is at your own risk. We do not advise it.
  • Do not post, share, or display personal information of other players without their consent or with intent to embarrass, blackmail, harass, or cause shame. Also including a player's IP, address, phone number, etc. This will result in severe punishment.
  • Threats or blackmailing is not allowed.
  • Racism, bigotry, personal threats, and other forms of hate speech are not allowed (even in private channels).
  • Keep profanity to a minimum in public channels.
  • Encouraging others to break Rules is not allowed.
  • DDoS attacks or threats will not be tolerated and will end in consequences.
  • Do not spam chat. This includes spamming messages, pokes, and whispers.
  • Do not discuss punishments (i.e warns, kicks, mutes, bans etc) in chat or spam chat channels asking for someone to look at a ban appeal.
  • Do not mic spam in the main channels. This includes playing soundboards and music.
  • Getting involved in any form of illegal activity in any way may result in a permanent ban from Discord
  • Advertising different Minecraft Servers are not allowed. This includes advertising content on or from other Minecraft Servers.
  • Advertising other Discord Servers is not allowed. This includes sending invites on our Discord and using our Discord server to pm other players.
  • Ban evading a ban is not allowed.
  • Using the FortuneMC Discord to sell accounts or other services is not allowed.


  • Depending on severity, if any of the Rules above are broken, you will be warned or kicked from Discord, then temp banned from Discord.
  • If Rules are repeatedly broken, you will be permanently banned from the Discord.
  • In some cases, depending on the severity, Discord punishments will also be carried out on the actual FortuneMC server.
  • Ban evading in any way will result in a more severe punishment.
5 months ago

General Rules

  • Disrespect towards another user anywhere on the FortuneMC is not allowed through the means of personal messaging or through the forums.
  • Bullying is not allowed.
  • Blackmailing or threatening other players is not allowed.
  • Sharing personal information on the FortuneMC Forum website is at your own risk.

Chat Related

  • Use English in the main chat, you can speak other languages through personal messages.
  • Profane language is not allowed.
  • Racism, bigotry, personal threats, or other forms of hate speech are strictly prohibited on FortuneMC. This includes racist names, skins, nudity, ****ography, images and graphics.
  • Intentional disrespect towards other players is not allowed.
  • Selling any products for money through the FortuneMC Server forums is not allowed.
  • Advertisements to other Servers, websites, YouTube channels, or products is not allowed, with the exception of content media. i.e Media Rank.
  • All forum posts must be at least 1 full sentence (a minimum of 5 words). That means a subject and a predicate. Staff are completely exempt from this as they may be answering questions with yes/no, etc.

Content Related

  • All content is to be posted in the correct forum section.
  • Templates are to be used when appropriate.
  • Encouraging rule breaking or abuse of game-play is not allowed. I.e showing the community how to hack, dupe, etc.
  • Do not post content that you do not rightfully own without giving credit to the correct/original owner. This is considered plagiarism and can be punishable.
  • No offensive comments/material in forum signatures or profile pictures.
  • Forum signatures should not be larger than 300 pixels in height.
  • Bumping threads is only allowed once every 24 hours, as long as no double-posting occurs.
  • Necroposting on threads (reviving dead threads, or threads that were last responded to more than 1 month ago) is not allowed.
  • Starting, encouraging and contributing to server drama discussions is strictly prohibited and not allowed. Doing so will result in the thread being deleted and a forum warning being issued. Continuous drama threads will result in a forum ban.
  • Threads made to insult, offend or hurt other players, the staff, the community or the server is not allowed and will be locked/removed from public view on the first offence and result in a ban on the server forums/in-game.


  • Depending on the severity, if any of the Rules above are broken, you will be warned, banned from the forums on the first offence.
  • If repeated, you will be permanently banned.
  • If the punishment on the forums is severe enough, a punishment can be carried out in game.


5 months ago

FortuneMC Server Rules.

Ip-Bans - 

Bans all accounts on the same IP, not appealable.

Ban/Mute Evasion - This is if you were banned/muted on a account on the same IP, but come online on a alt to bypass the ban/mute.


Alt Limit - FortuneMC's alt limit is 2, so you can have your main + 1 alt.


Bots - Any bot/bot attack will be a IP-Ban.

Bans -

Bans the 1 account.

•  No hacking, or using unapproved mods.

• No xray clients or texture packs.

• No threatening other users/staff

• No inappropriate name/skin/cape.

• No impersonating players/staff



Mute (muted from using the chat) the account you broke the rules on.

• Staff Disrespect

• Disrespect

• Racism

• Spamming

• Cursing

• Caps

Note: FortuneMC Staff have a premade punishment gui, these will automaticly punish you for the selected reason, however FortuneMC staff have the right to change the punishments to how they see fit.

5 months ago

List of Approved Mods on the FortuneMC

Minecraft Mods have been in the community for many years, this thread shows what mods were allowed to use on the server.

Please remember that using mods or macros that provides an in-game advantage to players is not allowed, and is never allowed on the server, even if it falls into the allowed category.

Categories of Approved Modifications

  • Client Performance Mods (e.g. FPS Improvement Mods)
  • Aesthetic Mods (e.g. Shaders)
  • Combat Mods (e.g. Armor & Effect Statuses, Damage Indicators)
  • Brightness & Gamma Mods
  • Chat Aesthetic Mods

Any mods that don't fall into these categories will be considered disallowed.

Some mods include restrictions, meaning they're allowed but some options are disallowed. Click the Spoiler underneath that approved mod for more information.
List of Approved Modifications:

• Optifine

In the Optifine mod, there is an entity counter showed in the top left of your screen when the option "Show FPS" is enabled. The second number counts chests as entities, and using this to find underground bases or sky vaults is Not allowed, and is bannable.

• Shaders

• Minimap

- Mod cannot show entities. (Players, Mobs, etc.) Usually shown as dots/heads
- Mod cannot show Cave Systems (Overground view)
- Topography should be disabled (Doesn't show shaded texture on map)
- Minimaps that show skyvaults(Covered in signs, blended in sand, or not) are considered disallowed


Armor & Status Effect Mods

5zig Mod


Damage Indicators Mod

F3 + B Debug Tool

Toggle Sneak/Sprint Mods (No Fly Boosters)

• Vivecraft / VR minecraft

5 months ago