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General Questions

Name: nathan hicks ;)

IGN: strxrmyx

Age: 13

Discord (name and tag): stxrmyx#5951

How much playtime do you have? (/pt): dont know the server is down but i have played before and i probably have 16-17 hrs

What rank are you?: Default :(


Decider Questions

What rank are you applying for?: Im applying for either Helper Or Builder

What experiences do you have of being staff?: I was staff on the server before i did one oopsie but i will fix that and change :)

Do you know all staff commands?: mostly.

How many punishments do you have?: 2

Any staff members that would recommend you?: i dont know.

Why do you think you'll fit in our team?: because i can either help players on the server or build awesome stuff on for the server!

Give us 3 words to describe you?: Funny Clumsy Ignorant



You log on and there are spam bots spamming server ips: call the owner if i cant use /ban or /mute but if i can, i will use /mutechat and keep it muted, then i will ip ban everyone spamming server ip's.

You are the only staff member on and a group of hackers log on: I will either, Call the Owner If i cant use /ban, but if i can i will /ipban all the hackers i find and tell them to appeal on the site.

People report a dupe bug: tell the dev or whoever is on or check it out myself.

The server stops on its own and doesn't restart: ask Jay or Rubin why it has stopped and maybe some reasons why it might have stopped.

Everything stops working: call Jay or Rubin and ask whats happening and then make sure it gets fixed.


Random Questions

What motivated you to apply?: Curriosity. I just wondered how well of a staff member i could be? lets test my luck. hehe <3

Name an award you have recieved: Vote Keys LMAO

Can you speak more than 1 language?: Somewhat spanish.

What prison rank are you?: I dont know because the server is in maintience.

Anything else you want to say to us?: have a good day <3

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